You may have noticed that our historic cable car building is boarded up. This is a good thing. We have
entered the next phase of our multi‐year effort to restore/refurbish/repair the building. We are
currently having badly‐needed work done on the doors and windows, and expect it to last through
December 2018.

This whole process, which started in 2014, has been an adventure. Significant accomplishments
(detailed building maintenance plan, new furnace and AC, refurbished masonry), a lot of local support
(member donations, community support, Hyde Park Herald, National Trust for Historic Preservation,
Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce, Landmarks Illinois Grant), and a few setbacks (including not winning
the National Trust competition) have made for a lively few years.

We at the Society are so appreciative of the support we have received from our membership and hope
you will feel that all the effort and expense has been worth the final result. We still need funding to
complete current work without seriously depleting our operating fund. We would be most grateful for
any additional donations. Donations can be sent to: Michal Safar, 5530 S. Shore Drive, 9A, Chicago, IL
60637 or on our web site at:‐us/

Michal Safar, President.