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The Hyde Park Historical Society began when a very young man, Clyde Watkins, had the inspiration to form a historical society for this very historical Hyde Park community in the 1970's . A personal narrative of his effort and the people involved in building the Hyde Park Historical Society is described in Pioneer Days of the Hyde Park Historical Society

A Memoir by Carol Bradford of Early Hyde Park

Paul Cornell
founder of Hyde Park
Chicago's Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, is housed in a building which originally was a waiting room for cable cars.

We are open to visitors every Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m., and at other times by special request.

We have more than 300 members, who maintain the building, volunteer as docents, publish an excellent newsletter, provide exhibits and programs of historical interest, and support an ever-increasing archive.
HPHS History
With the support of Jean Block, author of Hyde Park Houses and The Uses of Gothic, and Muriel Beadle, wife of George Beadle, the president of the University of Chicago, the renovated headquarters opened on October 26, 1980.
Awards including the Annual Cornell Award

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