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Remarkable Women of the U of C: Hanna Holborn Gray, Muriel Beadle, Maude Hutchins

Hyde Park Book Club. Remarkable Women of the University of Chicago: Hanna Holborn Gray, Muriel Beadle, Maude Hutchins

“HYDE PARK-KENWOOD STORIES THEN AND NOW” Commemorating 150 Years of St. Thomas the Apostle

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Suscribe to or renew your subscription to the Hyde Park Herald and help support the Hyde Park Historical Society. The Hyde Park Herald will donate half of the cost of every new or renewed subscription! Yearly Subscription Options for One Year : $30.00 USD - yearly for Two Years : $41.00 USD - yearly for [...]

Thank You For Your Support!

The Hyde Park Historical Society wishes to thank all of our supporters in our quest to win the Partners in Preservation (PIP) National Trust Preservation Grant. We were honored to be selected as on e of the 25 semifinalist out of a field of 137 historical sites. We came 12th place out of the 25 [...]

Dev Bowly Man and Vision

Dev Bowly Man and Vision interviews Ward Miller, Executive Director of Preservation Chicago, about Dev Bowly. Ward Miller speaks about Dev Bowly and his historic influence on the Hyde Park Historical Society and his Michigan Inns.

Ward Miller speaking @ Hyde Park Historical Society Annual Dinner 2017.

Ward Miller speaking @ Hyde Park Historical Society Annual Dinner 2017.

Hyde Park Center:

The section of Hyde Park between 53rd and 55th Streets, and between Harper and Woodlawn Avenue, is the oldest part of our neighborhood. It is also the most modest, the most urban [...]

Lincoln’s Hyde Park

Lincoln’s Hyde Park   By SUSAN O’CONNOR DAVIS Designed by one of the city’s first practicing architects, Gurdon P. Randall, the Hyde Park House was built at Oak (53rd) Street on the shore of Lake Michigan in 1859. The hotel was the center of the community’s social life where, in just a short stroll [...]

Ferris Wheel in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

The Society is delighted to present this wonderful description of the Life and Death of Chicago's great Ferris Wheel of 1893. It was written by Patrick Meehan in 1964 while he was a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of British Columbia. His paper was published at that time in The UBC Engineer [...]

Paul Cornell- Founder of Hyde Park

Paul Cornell - Founder of Hyde Park 1822-1904 Born in 1822 of a distinguished New England family, Paul Cornell was a cousin of Ezra Cornell, the founder of Cornell University. He came to Chicago in 1847. A lawyer and entrepreneur, he became friendly with many of the leading citizens of the rising new [...]