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2005Hyde Park Historical Society Neighborhood History Awards

We are happy to announce that anonymous donors are once again making it possible for the Hyde Park Historical Society to again offer awards to outstanding student historians in 2005.

Awards of $100 and $50 will be given in Middle School (6th-8th grades) and High School (9th-12th grades) categories for outstanding neighborhood history projects done by local students.
Winning projects from both contests will appear in an exhibit of student work at the Hyde Park Historical Society in the summer of 2005.

Who is eligible:
Entries will be accepted from students in grades 6 -12 attending any school, public or private, located in the area of the original Hyde Park Township: 39th Street to 138th Street, State Street to Lake Michigan.
Students in grades 6 - 8 will be in the Middle School category; those in grades 9 - 12 will be in High School.

Types of projects:
Projects may be presented as displays, essays or as computer presentations (see below for ideas).

Choosing a Topic
Any historical study dealing with events, places or people in the area of the original Hyde Park Township is eligible for entry in this contest. The following are listed only to give you an idea of the variety that is possible, not to limit your choice:

Historical Studies of Buildings or Institutions:
Your house
Your School
A church
The Oak Woods Cemetery
An important building such as the South Shore Country Club, The Michigan Avenue Garden Apartments, the New Regal Theater, the South Shore Bank, the DuSable Museum, etc.
A long lasting business such as Harold s Chicken Shack
Buildings designed by important architects like Frank Lloyd Wright
Provident Hospital
Jackson Park Hospital
The University of Chicago
Etc.Historical Studies of people who lived in the area:
Harold Washington
Leon Despres
Margaret Burroughs
Paul Cornell (the man who founded the Hyde Park Township)
Earl Burress Dickerson
Timuel Black
Family Members, Etc.

Important Events:
The World s Columbian Exposition of 1893
-Women in the Columbian Exposition
-Architecture of the Columbian Exposition
-African Americans & the Columbian Exposition
-New Technology of the Columbian Exposition
Urban Renewal
Black Migration to Hyde Park
Restrictive Covenants
Helping build the atomic bomb at the University of Chicago
Neighborhood History Project Rules
All entries must be non-fiction works that develop a theme related to historical topics in the area of the original Hyde Park Township.
No entry should depend upon solely appearance or technological deftness, but should have written narrative content to develop a theme.
It is perfectly acceptable to submit entries which are also being used for the History Fair.
All projects should be accompanied by a bibliography.
All text must either be written by the entrant or put in quotation marks and attributed to its source. Nothing may be copied without quotation marks and attribution. (Nothing means NOTHING.)

Essays should generally be between 1000 and 3000 words long (about 4 and 12 pages). Longer essays will be accepted, but length will not by itself contribute to a higher score.
Students in high school will be expected to write longer essays than those in middle school.
All essays must be typed and double-spaced.
Names of students and schools MUST NOT APPEAR IN THE BODY OF THE ESSAY but should be written on a cover sheet. (Essays will be given numbers by Hyde Park Historical Society staff so that they can be judged anonymously.)Displays:
Displays must be FREE STANDING and no larger than a normal card table.
They must be accompanied by summary statements and bibliographies.
Text on the display must be used to develop a theme which is illustrated by pictures, graphs, etc.
Text is an important part of the display.
Names of students and schools MUST NOT APPEAR EXCEPT ON THE COVER SHEET. The cover/application sheet should be taped to the back of the entry.
Note: Displays will be judged with no students present. The displays must speak for themselves.

Computer Presentations:
Computer presentations may be created with Power Point or HTML. If some other system is used, students have the responsibility of providing the program needed to view their entry.
Computer presentations must be submitted on CD.
Names of entrants or their schools should not be shown in the presentation but should be in a text file provided separately on the same CD.
The last frame of any computer presentation should contain a bibliography related to the work.
Computer presentations should use text, pictures and graphics to develop a historical theme and should not overemphasize appearance or technical expertise.
Note: Computer presentations will be judged no students present. The presentations must speak for themselves.

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How to Enter:
To be eligible for this fair, projects must include the following:
*Application sheet
*Summary statement of the project
Where to enter:
Essays and CD s may be mailed, with a cover/application sheet, to The Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park, Chicago, IL 60637.
Displays should be brought to The Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park on Saturday or Sunday, May 28th or 29th, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., or, by special arrangement, at an earlier date. Special arrangement can be made by calling 773-771-1922. Late entries cannot be considered.For more information about the neighborhood history fair, please email Education Committee Member Priya Shimpi at, or call her at 773-771-1922. For further information on the Hyde Park Historical Society, please see:

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